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Car Sharing & Fleet Management

Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing offers a variety of benefits from generating extra income to incredible tax advantages. With RentOutMyCars.com Management Services, you get all the benefits with none of the work.

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The Path to Superior Returns

Learn why Co-hosting with Alvin and the team is superior to virtually every other investment vehicle, and how with our Proven Process, you can earn truly passive income.

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Meet Alvin, the founder and CEO of RentOutMyCars.com, one of the largest car sharing fleets in the country that currently generates over $2,000,000 per year in revenue. 

Peer-to-peer car sharing is the business model of renting out you cars to your peers...think AirBnB but for cars.

While peer-to-peer car sharing on a platform like Turo is a legitimate way to earn potentially thousands of dollars in extra weekly income, if you're managing your cars on your own, it can require a TON of work. 

Hundreds of Turo hosts start a peer-to-peer car sharing business without a realistic expectation of how much time, energy, and resources are required to do this business successfully, and as a result these hosts fail. 

Alvin and his team are here to help. RentOutMyCars.com offers full-service fleet management, so you can earn extra income without the headache of managing a fleet of cars.

Don't Take Our Word For It,

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Why RentOutMyCars.com?


13,000+ Trips, 9 Years Experience, Thousands of 5-Star Reviews

Our Fleet-Management Service is your one stop shop to passive income through car sharing. We handle everything form A-Z, including but certainly not limited too...

  • Affordable Transport...Our network of transport trucks means getting your car to our location in Jacksonville, FL is pain free and affordable.
  • Expert Mechanics...Keeping your car on the road is our top priority, and with our team of expert mechanics, your car will be well taken care of.
  • Damage Claims...We are experts at navigating damage claims and issues that may arise with damage claims, you won't have to worry even in a worse case scenario.
  • Proven Track Record...when you join our network, your vehicle gains immediate credibility. Being managed by a Top 10 Turo host means more rentals, more revenue and a higher utilization. 


Proven Outcomes

"Alvin has a lot of business connections, he's a really good businessman, he's a really good guy in general, he's very personable. So, he has a whole team, he has a guy for oil changes, he has a guy for this, a guy for that...he's got everything in place..."

Anthony E. - Maryland, USA (40+ Cars Hosted With Alvin)


"When it comes to co-hosting, Alvin is the G.O.A.T...While I don't cohost with Alvin, I did have the chance to see his operations first hand and the way he operates his fleet is top tier. From guest and host communication, maintenance, repairs, accounting...everything is covered with Alvin."

Aubrey J. - Social Media Influencer (350k followers & Turo Host)

"Turo was taking me from my day-to-day operations [of another business] So, I contacted Alvin, I interviewed him, I did my homework and I shipped the cars to him and it has been a breeze ever since. The best decision I have ever made by allowing him to take over my fleet"

Rocquel M. - California, USA (8 Cars Hosted with Alvin)

Cars Managed FOR You

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